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Slow Heart Rate And Low Bp


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I have been in the hospital for 8 days out of the last 20. The first time for a pulse if above 120 that would spike to 180 whenever moved around. My BP was low also at the time. They Hydrated me and treated me with nitrates for the arrythmia and did a echo. Once my ekgs quit looking fenny after 3 days they released me. This las time Mp left arm and chest statrted hurting , I was faint, nauseated and could not speak. My work called an ambulance and I went to the hospital where they did a dophedimine (drug) stress test. That produced the pain and other symptoms and ekg changes and the echo showed a aarterial spasm and irregularity of the hearts contraaction. So they did a catherization that was non remarkable (normal arteries). Out of all of this my pulse stayed low and irregular for days and ny Bp was low and lower.. So more fluids and nitroglycerin,morphine, heart meds and then they released me. Next they want a EPS study!

Iused to be tachy and not have as many irregular heart rates but I go back and forth. Any one else have these fluxes of bradys and tachys? They discovered a right bundle branch block but that is supposedly no big deal with normal peaople. I guess if is common to have it and not have symptoms? Any one else have this? The docs say that this is causing the PVS and skips that I feel and that id could be causing the tachy and bradys too. I feel prettty confused. I mean is this why I have POTS and OI or this a symptom caaused by the nerological side of POTS ans OI? :)

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So sorry you are experiencing all of this. All I can contribute is that occasionally I have brady episodes on standing. I found this very strange after all the months and years of tachycardia. My EP says that it is not uncommon for POTS patients to also experience bradycardia on standing--and that this often comes on later -- after the patient has had POTS for a few years.


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