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I thought I would drop a line and say ?hello? and let you all know how things are going. Blake?s ( Blake is my 5 year old son, that 2 years a go had a baseball sized mass removed from with windpipe, and around his leg lung.) CT results cam back yesterday, and no new masses! Thank goodness! He still has to under a scope/ possible repair surgery on Monday, to see if they can help his airway open up, it remained mostly crashed even after the mass was removed, they thought as he grew, it would open up, but it has not. Please keep in you thoughts, and prayers.

Well we got some good news finally, As many of you knew I been having problems with my cardio, and a few weeks ago, he thought we should pull the PICC, for risk of infection, (even though there is no sign of infection). Also his office went on and on about how I should have out grown this by now as I am 27. (so I guess we are to out grow POTS?)

Anyways, my family doctor step in and took the full orders over. I now still have the PICC and am now getting fluids every other day! It?s been helping so much! Now if we can get the migraines under control I would be doing great! But I got to look at it like this, things are getting better, I have a doctor that cares, my family is still fighting right along with me! I guess what I am saying, even thought things are what I wish they where, I am still very lucky!

Happy Hoilday! <_<

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That is wonderful news about your son! I will definately keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

WOW--------------you can really out grow POTS? Where's the paper on that one?----LOL---biglol.gif

What happened to me then?---I'm 47---and I wasn't officially diagnosed with POTS until I was 41. Can't imagine where they got the idea that we can outgrow this.

Anyway, I'm glad your family Doc took over, and is getting the fluids in you--- <_<

Take Care,


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