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Though I'd let ya'll know that last night on Mystery Diagnosis, which is on discovery health, the second segment was about a girl with MVPS! It chronicled how hard it was for her to get diagnosed, the episodic nature of the disease, how she fainted and was extremly fatigued, etc. DH is normally the one who watches Discovery Health, as I feel sometimes like I'm my own little health channel, but last night I INSISTED I was going to stay up and watch it once I saw the teaser. The episode is 'Like Mother, Like Son' (the first segment is about a little boy with Celiac Disease), and it's supposed to be back on December 17th at 6 p.m. E.T. http://health.discovery.com/tvlistings/epi...amp;channel=DHC.

And hey- we're all officially 'mysteries.' The TV said so! ;)

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Wow..i wish I had seen it again..I saw it a few months ago.

If this was the one where she and her husband got divorced because he thought she was LAZY I saw it.

That's the one. She said the first thing she did after the diagnosis was call him. It didn't say, but I hope she cursed him out.

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