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Went To Express Care At St. Luke's Hospital


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Hi---------------------not a very happy camper here-------sorry to be a bummer here folks.

Went to local ER express care, and the doc said I have a type of granuloma---or cellulitis type infection.

He prescribed 500 mgs of keflex---twice a day. I can't imagine what that will do to my body.

And I wanted to keep things calm until I have my CT scan Thursday.

I'm not one of those brave folks. My sympathetic NS is in overdrive already, and I have had huge amounts of stress from different sources, and I'm ready to check into the nearest loony bin.

Any experiences with keflex--(spelling?) out there.

I have really not been myself lately----in fact i'm almost as worried about myself mentally----more then physically.

It started with an eruption type split at the base of my thumb nail. I brushed my doggies teeth last night. It never crossed my mind this little split in my nail---as I had this same thing before, but it never got infected, it just sort of resolved itself---it didn't even have to grow out of my nail.

Sorry for the vent----I'm just tired...................and sick of my body freaking out when something else goes on other then my usual problems.

I know so many of you all have bigger problems to contend with. Unfortunately my support system outside of the forums is pretty non-existant---except for my husband, and he losing his mind also---trying to work two jobs, and help me with things I used to be able to do.

Take Care,


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I hate times like this when everything seems to be going wrong. ;) As for the Keflex, I have used it a few times. I think I was on it for UTI's or something of that nature. I don't remember having any side effects that caused me to stop using it.

As for the support system I only have this forum and my therapist...as silly as it sounds though sometimes I don't think she quite understands what I am going through....If you wanna talk more feel free to PM me. I hope your nasty infection goes away and things start to look up for you!


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Thanks so much----- :)

You should have seen my BP when I went in to the ER area----------it was 140/90---pulse was 90----------------------------my BP always shoots up when I go to the ER--and so does my HR. I was also in an extremely bad mood--my poor hubby........... :) I'll have to do something special for him once all this stuff clears---the infection---the CT scan---------or and lets not forget the other news I got this week--more dental work.

I think just getting past this week will help me out. I'm glad you guys did OK on the keflex-----gives me a little peace of mind. The Doc told me to call Dr. Grubb, but I don't know what good that will do. I told the Doc if my infection looks like it's clearing I'll avoid the keflex----but if not I have it here, as we filled it already. I thought I had a bad reaction on it just before I crashed with POTS---but I can't remember. I have a sort of autoimmune reaction to so many things----I have a rough time with antibiotics especially.

I'm praying for this to look better in the morning. It doesn't seem as red--or sore at this moment. I'm pouring peroxide on it after cleaning with anti-bacterial soap----several times a day, and keep it covered, but also let air get to it. I apply antibiotic ointment before putting on the bandaid.

I'm just overwhelmed lately-thanks for your support and understanding. Ugggg------I get so overstimulated, and all this stuff is just making my head spin. The holidays are rough on me too.........that's a story for another day............. ;)

Love you all-----------


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