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Anti-coagulants: Anyone Take One


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I have been on Wafarin for three years after a PE and blood clots in my legs due to LOw proteins S deficiency. I was diagnosed with Pots and OI may 2005. So I really don't know except my pots is worse when my INR is high ( above 3.5). But the symptoms of POTS can also be the same as a stroke or brain annyurism ( Ican't type or spell today). I just found out that I have had a stroke in the paast 6 months andd it caused some damage to the brain and I had no clue. I get POTSY often and migraines too. Be caareful and get your INR regulated.

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What is INR?

I've had transient weakness, but showed no stroke- after ct scan and mri/mra...normal blood clotting. at the time i was told i had hemiplegic migraines, but i think it was just pots limiting blood to brain when upright...I can't tolerate aspirin--to hard on my stomach and ringing in the ears...I was a little disturbed to learn I have some plaque in my left carotid. So I'm trying to eat well and avoid saturated and trans fat. Strokes scare me, as my grandmother had several and I saw what they did to her.

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I also have Protien S deficiency. I take Lovenox during prenancy, etc. But it's fine outside of prenancy (I had a PE in my first pregnancy, about 6wks gestation).

I recently got in touch with a POTS specialist and started treatment. My doctor told me that the thrombo history is one reason why he prescribed ProAmatine, and told me that it will help prevent future clots.

I don't feel more POTSy with more clotting (less p.S). In fact, it's just the opposite for me, but that is a combination of factors bc my p.S def. has to do with pregnancy, and my increased blood volume during pregnancy helps aleviate the POTS.

One strange link I read...that the number one cause of death among POTS sufferers is a PE (very different from the general population).

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I did not think there were any others out there with both pots, and protein S or clots. I too have a filter, take 12.5 mg of coumadin. I take digitek and Coreg. Whats the Pro Amatine do? I have a docs appt soon (several actually) and I like to be prepared.

LInda Joy I have a cousin in MAryland named Linda Joy. That's kind of weird.

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