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I'm Back

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i I have been absent for a while. I had gastric bypass surgery 3 weeks ago. I have a liver that is not healthy, and some of my eds have made it worse. So, this really was my only optiop to lose weight quickly. ThatI have lost 35lbs in 2 or more weeks. Not an easy thing to have done. When I am done losing weightI am not having any more surgery, I'll use duct tape.

Had a fabulous surgeon. As usual I was very comlicated and took 33/4 hrs instead of 3/4-1hr. Day by day I get better. My potts is actually for the time being better. Don't know for how long, but will accept the break. Peace to all Miriam :):)

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Good luck, Miriam, as you recuperate from your gastric bypass surgery. My husband had the surgery about 3 years ago. He is doing great--lost about 140 pounds. The only problem he ran into was when he starting eatting useless carbs - like pretzels. This summer he repented and changed his ways. Per his doctor's instructions, he is only eating fruits vegetables, whole grains, and fish. His doctor told him to avoid basically white carbs (i.e., bread pasta) and anything that crawls or flies. His doctor also told him that after gb surgery your body reacts to carbs like you were diabetic as far as absorption.

Advice--drink plenty of fluids and do not be tempted by anything with sugar (as you move down the road). I remember fondly and lovingly pureeing all his food.

If you would like to chat with my husband about gb surgery, pleast let me know.

Feel well,


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Glad to see you are back!! :) I hope you continue to have a good recovery and I hope the POTS symptoms stay away!!

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