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Got My Degree Results: Pots Doesn't Have To Stop You Going To School!


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Don't have any words of my own, so am pasting the email from the Chair of Examiners:

Dear P,

...You have been awarded a Pass with Distinction for the Mst at the Examiners' meeting today. The internal markers and the external were most impressed with your work and particularly with your Dissertation, which was very much praised.

I want to congratulate you personally for an extraordinary achievement against

all the odds. You should be very proud of yourself.

with best wishes

__________, Chair of Examiners

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Congrats!!! I am soo proud of how far you have made it...Now it's time to celebrate!!!

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That's wonderful, Persephone! You've really triumphed over some tough circumstances. It sounds like your school recognized that fact in your letter. You're really lucky that you had the ability to push your way through graduate school, since that's not always possible with dysautonomia. I was in the middle of my graduate program when the bottom fell out, and even though i tried with all my heart, my body wouldn't let me go on. I was fortunate that my classes and experiments were over because i couldn't do any of that, even with special considerations. It took me an extra year to finally get my paper turned in to graduate, and then i had to stop my research indefinitely. I'm glad this wasn't the case for you!! As a one-time grad student, I really appreciate your great success and accomplishment! Congrats!


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:):wub::wub::D DANG PERSEPHONE!! You go girl!! you are such and inspiration!! what an accomplishment my goodness.. Im so proud of you still! and more soo!

I hope that you celebrated dear! in your own potsy kind of way...

Fabulous news!




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