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Doctors In The Southeast


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Hi everyone,

I've recently moved to Georgia (guess I need to change my signature!). Does anyone have any suggestions for doctors in this area? I'll take suggestions for pcp, cardiologists, neurologists, POTS specialists, etc. If you have a recommendation you can send it to me in a personal message. Doctors in the Atlanta area would be preferable, but I'm willing to go anywhere in the southeast. After driving 6,000 miles from Alaska to Georgia, a 500 mile drive to see a doctor is nothing.

Thanks for any help you can give.

:) Rachel

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If you are close to Opleika, AL (about 30 miles from Columbus) I sure can recommend someone. My fabulous cardiologist is in Opelika and I still travel six hours to see him now that we live in FL. He is wonderful and has MVP with some dysautonomia himself- he is a jewel. PM if you are interested.


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Cardiac Disease Specialists in Atlanta.

I just moved away from there but I had been seeing them the last 5 years and they are the only ones in the state that really deal with this and know what they are doing. There are a couple of Dr's at Emory that were good Electrophysiologists but didn't know anything about POTS.

Make sure you ask to see Dr. Thomas Deering or one of the other electrophysiologists (make SURE you tell the secretary you need electrophysiology) PA's John DerCola, Debbie Fikes, Ken Lyda.

They have a website you can check out..do a search for Cardiac Disease Specialists

They also have a surgeon in the group who studied with Dr Grubb years back and they are also familiar with Vanderbilts protocol for getting people in to the research programs.

Their address and phone # is 404-355-9815

95 Collier Road St 2035 Atlanta, GA 30309

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone. I'll start looking into these doctors and see if any of them are taking new patients.

Also, does anyone have a primary care physician they can recommend? Preferably female. I don't like going to visit a doctor if I haven't heard anything about them. I've had to do that before and it turned out terrible!

Thanks for all your help.


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