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Weight update-since some asked 4 progress info

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Hi everyone.

I know a few weeks ago there were a few of us talking about our weight control programs. I think we were each trying something different. Anyway, I was on the WW online system, and i'd previously been a "lifetime" member. I don't know if nearing 40 has changed my metabolism, but WW didn't work for me this time around. I lost initially about 3 lbs...and then, despite being really careful, GAINED. After 3.5 mos, I gave up and dropped out of WW.

2 weeks ago, we both started the South Beach diet at home (upon the suggestion of several friends and a doctor or two). I find it easier to stick with than Atkins, although I'm getting quite sick of eggs. The best part is that I've lost 5 lbs. Only another 20 or so to go :P I saw a number on the scale today that I've not seen in more than 2 years :huh: Hopefully that will keep me motivated to keep going. The other thing is the diet starts to add back the complex carbs now, so I wont feel deprived. I think it's all based on the glycemic index?

I'd be interested to hear how the others of you dieters are doing. Maybe we can share some strategies for sticking with it. Oh, BTW, for those watching the starches, a couple of chain restaurants now make mashed cauliflower that is so yummy I can't believe it--I was a garlic mashed potato junkie, and now that mashed cauliflower (which I otherwise DETEST) is a favorite of mine. I had lunch at a Pizzeria Uno today and they offer it, and I know Ruby Tuesday's does too.

Nina ;)

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