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I Joined The Community Band!!


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Well a bit ago I joined the community band. It is all adults, for the most part (some retired professional musicians, some retired and current local high school band teachers and other folks) and we play a bunch of concerts. (next one is Dec 7th and then Dec 14th out at shore acres (an outdoor garden they do up with tons of lights for the holidays)). I also had cut my hours at work down and started Flute lessons since it has been so long since I played a lot, but they have raised my hours back up and I think flute lessons will be too much for me ( i did band and flute lessons last week and spent sunday and monday am fainting...) Either way I am loving playing in the band. Faint or no faint I ain't stoppin' band... (so take that you silly body.)lol

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i'm so happy for you. i dream of being able to play my cello or piano again or sing...from choirs & a cappella groups tostring quartets in weddings & at churches to regional orchestras to community & school musicals i've spent many hours over the years in musical pursuits and always loved it. i do hope that you're able to continue...

:huh: melissa

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