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Heart Rates....


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Hi all,

are your heart rates high in the morning and afternoon and then really start to taper off by evening and night? i find that my standing rates are worse in the morning and afternoon hours and by night time they are back to pretty much normal (lying, sitting, and standing). it's wierd because i think i am more symptomatic late afternoon (when my rates start to taper down a little), not typically in the morning (when my rates can be at their highest)....

symptomatically and heart rate wise, when are you are your best and worst?




never at your best,

no rhythm or reason to any time of day whatsoever?

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On a typical day I am usually worse in the am and like momtoGuilana I am also worse after meals. For course there are days when it is bad all day for some unknown reason as of yet. :rolleyes:

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