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Headache After Flu Shot


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Just curious if anyone else got a headache after they got their flu shot...?!?! I have a really bad headache, worse than usual so I'm not sure if it's from the shot or not???


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I've been feeling really wiped out and I have my intense nausea back. It all started after I got the flue shot 2 wks ago. I don't know if there is any relationship but about 3 days after the flu shot BAM I'm back to being really sick. I regret getting it. Hopefully this will pass and not take my illness to a lower level.


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Did you notice on the other thread about flu shots that if you have Lyme's disease, you do poorly with the shot? Have you been tested for lyme?

I'm just repeating what somebody else said. I really have no idea why you reacted so poorly and I hope you feel better soon.

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