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What Tests Should I Ask My Doc For Re Pots?


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Hi, i have noticed that people seem to have all sorts of tests. I have had the tilt table test and the "usual" blood tests. I think that means testing for major nasties like diabetes, thyroid etc. My blood tests come up normal, but I sure as heck don't feel normal. My doctor says I don't have CFS, just POTS, but crikey, can POTS make you feel so tired, lethargic, aching etc? Just wondering if there are any tests I should be asking him for? Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, POTS can be life-altering and cause all the symptoms you describe. There's a medical article that states that POTS patients have significant quality of life issues, at least as bad as those with congestive heart failure. So, again, as bad as you feel, it could "just" be POTS. It could also be other things. Trust your gut and advocate for what you think is needed from your doctor(s).


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