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Dizziness And Nausea


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I hoipe this post come out readable, but I need any advice anythign right now. I have started feeling super dizzy with the nausea I have been having...My head feels like its swirling around and i feel really sick to my stomach. my bp and heart rate seem to be normail so why am i feeling so horrible/?? I hate to take a dose of midodrine because then I have to stay up for a few hours...i fee ll horrible though...any help is apreciated

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I'm so sorry your feeling so bad right now, and I really don't have any advice on what may help, but just know that I totally understand how your feeling. It's strange how sometimes really weird symptoms will present themself and then with time go away for a while and another unique symptom will be more prevailant. Sometimes I've had times of spinning feeling/nausea, but usually when that's happening, my BP is extremely low. Usually if I get a good few solid hours of sleep (which takes a few days when your feeling like your spinning) this will go away for a while again.

Take care,


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Wish I had some good advice to offer! I've never found much to help the severe dizziness and nausea. Sometimes I just have to lie down and wait for it to go away. I used to get nauseated every night for a couple of hours - like morning sickness, only I wasn't pregnant. It goes in cycles. And the dizziness can hit anytime. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I'm on a boat. Sometimes peppermint tea helps to settle my stomach. And if I lie on my side I feel less dizzy then if I'm on my back. Most of all, someone in the house to assist me when I'm dizzy helps.

Good luck,


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