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Washington State Specialist ?


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Iam new to this. I was Diagnosed pots a little over a year ago. I have seen many doctors here but have had no luck in finding one that has heard or deals with pots. I also have mvp, atrial fib, svp, Hypoglycemia. these where all Diagnosed in last eight years. Well if anyone knows of any doctors could you please pass it on. Thank you :)

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Hi Tami, I live in Washington. There are no specialists for thousands of miles, so sorry.

Even the U of W, which is a great teaching hospital has nothing to offer. Almost everyone on this side of the country that wants to see a specialist, goes to the other side of the country.

The best you can hope for here is a doctor that knows a little and is willing to work with you.....You can email me where you live and I might be able to give you a few names if you are in my area.....morgan

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I agree with Morgan as I live in Portland and have spent the last few years calling/searching around for a specialist. The hospital where I work even spent 2 weeks searching for me. I've called the U of W, neurology and cardiology depts. Same with OHSU, Providence and Legacy hospitals. I've searched high and low in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, etc. I give up and the best one can hopeful is for your doctor have an open mind and take instruction or advice from one of the specialists. Meaning that the docs here need to be open minded and learn some new things B)

I fly to Toledo, Ohio to see Dr. Grubb.

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I am not sure if this will help but you might find a doctor in a near by state using Dinets phyicans finder at:


Hope that helps! I know what it like I live in Iowa I had to fly to Cleveland to find a good doctor! I hope you are able to find a doctor soon! B)

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Seattle here.

I never found anyone, so I found a good primary care physician and then called Dr. Grubb's office and asked for information to give my doctor. They responded VERY prompty and sent me so much research that my GP could probably consider herself an expert by now. I find having a good doctor close by that I can see on a week's notice if something is wrong is better than trying to drive three hours (I use to see a doc in Portland) to see a specialist that you have to schedule for a month in advance. And in my case at least, personal attention worked better than experience as far as improvement was concerned.



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