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More Wilbur Photos


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:) I'm in love with my new big boy kitty...

here are more photos sent to me from the breeder...they were all taken last night.

Napping on his current owner's lap


Taking a little snooze whilst laying on his sister Gretta


Surfing on owner's back


Posing for the camera...


The 28th can't get here fast enough! ...however, Teri asked last night... "you wont love the cat more than me will you...?" To which I replied..."only when you're not home" :(

Nina, proud kitty-momma-to-be

ps. Abbi is acting all lovey dovey now, laying on my leg and purring; I think she's trying to make me feel guilty for thinking about another feline.

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Nina do you do a t shirt trick with news cats like I do?

When the new one comes home and needs to be separated to adapt and have a safe room, I try to make a bed with one of my T shrits on it...this helps the cats to think I am their mommy! LOL. I also use a small towel --in the new cat's bed==so I can take it out to the other area and let the older cat smell it and hiss at it...:)

Good luck with your baby.

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i love the pics. and czar's been looking at them too...i think he wants to play with another big kitty who has a bit of dog in him! (czar runs to the door if the doorbell rings, will fetch if he's in the mood, & is about 19 lean pounds)

B) melissa

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thanks gals...

and Abbi will get to sniff out Wilbur under the door for the first two weeks--he has to stay in quarantine (sp?). That, I'm my contract stipulates that I have to get a pheromone fan that will work for a few weeks and is supposed to give off some scent that calms the kitties down when stressed. I'll also try the towel trick--i've done it with the t-shirt for years. Figured it out when the kitties started sleeping in my dirty laundry.


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Oh my Wilbur is so sweet , he reminds me of a cat I used to have many years ago called 'pullover poitrowski esquire'

Pully-wolly used to pose for the camers, trouble was he thought he was a dog and used to follow me down to the shops and get in my car every time I wanted to go out .

One day I let him stay and we went to Tesco's together , he stayed in the car on the window ledge ( windows 2 inches open for air) and waited for me to shop , when I came back there were loads of people looking at my car thinking he'd got in somehow, but after this people got used to seeing 'pully -wooly ' come shopping with me !

I'm sure you will have loads of fun with Wilbur , you lucky people. Willows.

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I still can't get over the size of those ears!!! LOL

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My mother wrote me last week to say "I see he got the Epstein family ears!" Epstein is her husband's family name--which she never took. BTW, she's correct, his family has large ears, so Wilbur should feel right at home for the next family visit.

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