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Pituitary Problem Annd Pots? Anyone Know About This?


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ok i mentioned this in other posts in the past but no one ever answers me about this im gonna fill you in and if you know anything that can help me please for the love of god tell me ..... in august i went to a hormone doctor to have my glands tested for problems that could possibly explain this illness.... adreneal function was normal thyroid function normal...pituitary function was elevated prolactin level which happens when u become pregnant which i have never been pregnant soooo i had to have an mri of that gland to see if there were any tumors or prolacomas nothing was seen except a slight enlargment of the gland borderline they called it...but no prolactomias or tuomors now since my thyroid was normal that just plum doesnt make any sence there has to be a casue for that, none of which are good, but at least can explain this illness ....im lost here there was somthing wrong with it theres no doubt about that but according to the doc that wouldnt casue any of these symptoms but it does explainmy period problems does anyone have any idea or experinced anything like this? oh i wanted to add to that i got a glass bottle thrown directly at my forehead abotu a year ago and had a slighe concussion but the the symptoms of that went away along time ago in say dec then i got ill in april....i told the doctor about that and he said no it wasnt that the concussion was gone and post concussion syndrome wouldve come a few months after not that long after....but what i find odd is that i got hit right exactly where my pineal gland is i think that messed me up i really do

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I've heard of a link between lyme disease and pituitary problems, but not necessarily POTS. However, POTS can be caused by lyme disease, so maybe there is a link in there somewhere.

Have you gone to PubMed to do a search on pituitary gland problems and tachycardia? Here's a link if you're interested:


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