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No More Woo Hoo


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Hi all,

latest update on me being a student, i'm home sick - vertigo again! only worse than ever - panic attacks and everything this time. been home in bed for five days, and i'm being sick - this is not helping my pots and the fact that i am coming off my medication.

Anyway, that's only one little problem, the other thing is that i'm not allowed to go to college at the moment, i got a letter from college to say that i have to provide them with more information on my pots and until i do i can't attend college for 'health and safety reasons'! however, the didn't tell me what information i need to give them. So my second day of hanging on the phone trying to find out what they info they need! very well organised! they didn't even give me the right number on the letter.

Once they have the info i can have a risk assesment meeting - lucky me!

any ideas of how to calm myself down and get rid of vertigo would be appreciated (the doc have given me betahistimine hydrochoride - treatment for menieres)

a very dizzy peed off bebs x x x :P

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What a mess! I attended a very large university, and the beaurocracy could be a nightmare.

You're dealing with a lot right now, with the vertigo, the withdrawal from meds, and the school logistics. Be patient with yourself, and remember, you won't always feel like this. Dealing with this condition is a matter of trial and error, and sometimes the errors are NOT your own.

I wish I had some good advice for you, but all I can say is, you're not alone. We support you, and we're incredibly impressed with you.


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Well, now 'm stll off - this vertigo is driving me mad, have had an email from college to say that they are having

a meeting about me because of my absences so far they don't thnk i should continue. this is very unlike me

but i just can't be bothered to fight - i'm trying to come off paroxetine and florinef (now on 0.1mg florinef daily and 15mg paroxetine every other day), i'm trying to deal with this vertigo - i'm now on buccastem because the betahistine didn't work,i just think maybe i need to pick my battles. i can't do the reading tha need to cos everythng is spinnng, can't do the work cos i get thumping heaaches everytime i attempt it.

sorry i'm a bit of a moaner today, just feeling really fed up.

becks x x x

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