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Those Of You Who Experience Anxiety Attacks


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Did your attacks begin before your illness or during your illness? Did you stop having attacks after starting an SSRI?

I have been having alot of panic and anticipatory anxiety that I never had before. I always had the normal illness anxieties but not where I get these attacks when I go places.

I think alot has to do with my anxiety since it doesn't happen at home (in my comfort zone). If it were more my illness than I think it would happen at home also but I think my illness plays a huge part because when I'm out I am overstimulated very easily as most of us are than the physical sensation of being overwhelmed causes me to catastrophize what I'm physically feeling than my mind takes over and freaks out.

I'm feeling really discouraged about this. I have enough standing in the way of my everyday responsibilities with this illness I don't have the energy to deal with panic disorder or whatever it's called.

Anyone successfully overcome this? How? I just started zoloft 25mg 3 wks ago but am not seeing any benefit yet and my counselor has been teaching me relaxation techniques for CBT.

Does anyone know why this would happen out of nowhere? Is my illness worsening?

Also I'm so sick of everyone telling me..........well, it's always something. Can't they think of anything better to say? That hurts my feelings and makes me feel like they don't believe me or think I'm crazy and I'm not........I hope.

Need encouragement


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Hi, Dayna. This is definitely something to be discussed with your counselor. Zoloft may or may not be the right drug for you but she needs to know you are experiencing increased anxiety attacks away from home. Sometimes, our unconscious fear of having an anxiety attack in public results in us doing just that (self-fulfilling prophecy). Anxiety attacks are extremely common and I'm sure your therapist can help you get a handle on these- I'm sure they are scary. Good luck.


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HI. I can relate to what you're going through. For me, the frequency of the anxiety/attacks did eventually subside. They will come back if I'm in a really bad POTs hole! My anxiety anticipatory panic attacks started happening AFTER I became sick with dysautonomia. I NEVER had any problems with it before.

I hope you find a med that works.

I take Klonopin at night sometimes before I got to sleep and that seems to help.

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I am easily overstimulated in general, and even more so when I'm having a POTS flare-up. I've also noticed that the more tired I get the harder it is to head off an anxiety attack. So if I push myself to do too much one day, I can still manage the anxiety, but if I push for 3 days in a row I have less control. I haven't had a full-blown anxiety attack since I dropped out of school a year ago, so clearly overdoing it was part of the problem.

I find that even with my current limited daily activities, I still need to take a day off now and then. I can kind of feel when the stress is building up in me, and things just get harder and harder to deal with emotionally until I have a day when I can just do what I feel like, instead of having a list of tasks to be done. I realize that can be harder to arrange when you have kids or other people depending on you.

I hope you and your therapist can get this sorted out. You may still get help from meds -- your Zoloft dose is very low right now.


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