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Tight Jaw,numb Mouth,neuropathy


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My jaw is tgiht,my lips and tongue have been numb, feels like my nose is tight too like I cannot get air in..

and my left hand pinky ring finger are numb.

Anyone get this and figure out what it could be..other than maybe neuropathy.

I have periphial neuropathy for some strange reason I cannot figure out for the life of me what is making this worse?

all answers appreciated.


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I can't explain the pinky numbness but the jaw, tongue, and nose numbness may be TMJ. Do you grind your teeth at night? I know this may sound odd, but there has been some association found with some of our disorders here (MVP, for example) and teeth grinding. But, of course, any new numbness warrants a visit ot call to the doctor so, good luck!


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I have all of that. If it is TMJ issues for me, then it's probably pretty mild, but I think it's more from the fact that my jaw pops out all the time and so it hurts. I get numbness all over, even lips, butt, ears, EVERYWHERE. This has only been attributed to circulation problems with the POTS.

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I have autonomic neuropathy and Raynaud's. This year, jaw and neck have been tightening up. I have asthma, but it does not seem to be the reason. The surface of my tongue goes numb for several weeks at a time. When I have one glass of wine, my lips and tongue go numb everytime. The doctors do not know why this happens. My hands and fingers tingle all the time from the Raynaud's and neuropathy.


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i have tmj and i get the numbness all over my body. the doctors have just overlooked that. no answers. i'm sorry i couldn't be more helpful but i just wnated to let you know that you arenot alone.

dionna ;)

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