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like briarrose said, you may want to do a search; you may have more luck searching "procrit" as it's the same thing & i think that's how it's been referred to more often in discussions.

i was on procrit from february of this year until two weeks ago when we decided to discontinue it (my docs & myself) as it wasn't helping me at all. it was making my numbers look better (i.e. my blood tests) but my health/functioning hasn't improved at all since i've been getting the shots; in fact i've gone in the opposite direction, though not b/c of the procrit. it's possible that i'd be in a worse place without the shots so we're keeping that in mind and will re-start them if needed.

we also tried iron infusions (due to results of my blood work) but couldn't continue as i had a horrible reaction (went into hemolysis, aka my blood cells started splitting apart) that put me in the hospital.

MANY have found a lot of relief/improvement with epogen/procrit though so if your docs are supportive of it i'd vote for giving it a try.

i never had any problems with the shots other than localized soreness...not something i really consider a problem. i started at 10,000units weekly & had been on 30,000 weekly since april.

hope this helps,

:unsure: melissa

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