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Short Of Breath


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Can anyone explain the mechanism that causes me to get short of breath when standing or walking? I can ride the stationary bike without getting winded, but on my feet for more than ten seconds, and I can't catch my breath. I've had a stress test-- no problem. I may have some asthma, but can't tell if my windedness is asthma or pots?? It's really annoying and disruptive. I'm about to start lexapro-- had anyone found that that helps sob?



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Hi Michele

I really cannot understand that you can get short of breath while standing or walking but can bike... :unsure: Though I am sure there must be a reason for it.

In my personal experience I can tell you that I get short of breath and chest pain while standing for a while, walking, dancing, doing my homework, etc.

I?ve had a stress test: the result was intolerant to exercise.

I was unable to follow the test, weakness, brain fog...

By the way, when my chest pain becomes worse and I get short of breath, sometimes I cough (but not much).

Take care,


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My thinking was that it's easier for my body to keep the blood flowing while seated, but not while standing-- just as I can sit much longer than I can stand...btw, I had a dobutamine stress test, as I can't run/walk fast with my bad joints, so I was actually lying down throughout it.

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I've always had big problems with breathing. Shortness of breath was a major complaint for me long before the dizziness started, and I think I had every pulmonary and cardio exam possible trying to track down the source before the fainting started to clue me in.

Basically, it's not asthma, but just like your brain can't get enough oxygen b/c of lack of bloodflow, making you dizzy, your lungs also aren't getting enough blood flow making you feel like you can't breathe.

When you're riding your bike not only are you sitting down, but the exercise and pumping action is improving your blood flow even more so yeah, it'd make sense that standing would be more problematic for you.

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