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Michigan Jan's Caretaker


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I hope it is ok to put this here. So many forget or rarely visit the Chit Chat board.

Jeff died this morning. I posted a link on the other page. B)

I wanted everybody that knows Michigan Jan to hear this news.

Mods, forgive me for posting this twice.

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sophia thank you for posting and letting us know...

jan I am so so very sorry for the loss of your husband...I am crying for you right now as i read this post...my prayers and support are with right now and in the future..please taek care of your self

love and hugs linda

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Jan, sorry for your loss...please know that we are thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers....

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my deepest sympathy and condolances for the loss of your beloved husband.

God is holding you in His loving and comforting arms. may He be your steadfast strength and ever present help in time of need. cling to him in your time of need and to those close to you, those who you love and love you.

hold fast jan, you are loved.


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