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Faintness And Itching?


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Hi everyone. I seem to have a weird combo of bad allergies and ncs and I don't know if or how the two are related. Frequently when I get that pre-fainting feeling I also get very itchy--esp my throat, mouth, and face. In fact initially, my doc here thought I was having idiopathic anaphylaxis.

An allergist in Chicago thought that the fainting was not anaphylaxis, as my allergies didn't seem severe enough. She chalked it up to anxiety (hmmmm).

But an electrophysiologist thought I definitely had ncs, and that the faintness is from that... so maybe my threshold for passing out from an allergic reaction is a lot lower than non-pots allergy people?

Now that I've been diagnosed with NCS and bad allergies, it seems odd how they co-occur. Does that happen to anyone else, that you get very itchy right when you might faint? It almost seems like my body releases mast cells when it feels the faint coming on...

It's also true that the ncs and my allergies both got really bad at the same time-- and sometimes cooccur and sometimes not.

My serum tryptase was normal, so they don't think it's mastocytosis.

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Hey there Michele,

I have awful allergies too--but I don't have itching before a faint. The sympathatic and parasympathetic systems are involved in inflamation and allergic responses & so are the autonomic functions, so I don't think it's that much of a stretch to have some sort of interaction with allergic stuff.


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Thanks, Nina. The main problem seems to be that doctors are so specialized that they don't necessarily connect the dots. Allergists don't deal with ncs, and cardiologists don't deal with allergic reactions. And I rarely seem to have problems that fit neatly within one specialty.

I'm getting to the point where I think I'll have to start meds for ncs. It's just too disruptive. I guess my first step is the lexapro. I'm nervous agout florinef, as I already have dead bone in my ankle that's quite painful, and just have been on steroids too often-- though I've heard it's somewhat different from, say, prednisone.

I also think I'm wearing out my compression stockings already after a little over a month. I felt really bad yesterday and noticed the stockings are easier now to put on and take off. I guess that's easy enough to remedy.

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