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Muscle Difficulty?


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Sorry, I forgot to add this in my last question.

Just as this year's weather has changed from warm to chilly, I have noticed when I come in from the cold I have difficulty using my muscles. My hands feel stiff, even my face sometimes, and my legs feel stiff. Its like it's extra hard to clench my fist or hold something. Anyone else experience this? If so, is it POTS or something else?



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other than deconditioning that can occur, there is no technical connection between muscle weakness & POTS. this isn't to say that others on the board haven't experienced similar issues some have things other than "just" POTS going on. it's also possible that the root "cause" of POTS (or other autonomic dysfunctions) for some can be something that can also cause muscle weakness.

as you mentioned cold being a trigger, raynauds, though it is a circulation rather than a muscle issue, may also be something to look into.

hope this helps,

:) melissa

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