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Woo Hoo I'm A Student!


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Hi all, just thought i'd inform you of my latest triumph, i have managed to enrol on a mature students certificate at Bradford College, i am studying Psychology, Sociology, English Literature, History and I.T. I am so excited, i had my first class yesterday and it was really really good. I'm so tired though. It's four full days and i think i may struggle a bit - i have an appointment tomorrow to see the disability advisor so that i can see if i can get travel help and what help i can get with learning. I am coming off my medication at the moment so i'm feeling the withdrawl effects but hopefully i'll start feeling better soon.

Any tips on how to stay awake thru lectures would be appreciated!!

bebs x x x B)

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Hooray hooray HOORAY! Go you! 4 full days is well scary- I couldn't manage that now, but I know that where there's a will there's a way for you- I'm so inspired! I suggest coffee and irn-bru for keeping awake. Didn't ALWAYS help me last year, but often a saving grace! Meant to reply to your phone message but got consumed and spat out by my own bloody thesis and the aftermath of it! WIll catch up properly soonX

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Thank you love!

i'm doin this course so i can apply to uni this september to do a law degree, so fingers crossed i'll be a lawyer in five years!

At the moment i'm really struggling sleeping, i think that it is because i'm coming off m medication o i have to try to stay awake in theday time!

thnks for the support persephone, knew you'd appreciate the effort!

catch up soon.

bebs x x x

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That is way cool, Becky! I hope you enjoy getting back into the groove of school!!! Good luck with everything!

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Thanks eveyone, it is hard work but i know it will be worth it. i can get some helpfrom the college because of having pots, but when i spoke to the disability advisor at college they said that i might have to have a wheelchair for goin around college in which seems a bit over the top considering i can walk perfectly well (at the moment!) but health and safety is a priority!

Anyone who has any tips on help i should ask for and what i may need to stay at college i would be very grateful.

thanks bebs x x x

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