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Medicare And Pregnancy


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I am still in the process of applying for SSD...it's been over a year now since I first applied and I'm on my first appeal.

If I end up getting Medicare coverage and would happen to get pregnant will they cover it? I've been wondering if having a child would change my disability status?

Thanks for any input!


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great question! :) i have been wondering that as well. like if i got pregnant, would they say i wasn't so disabled since i was able to carry a child, or if since i was pregnant would i get more since i wouldn't be able to do as much, not that i was able to do much to begin with but being pregnant makes it even less. also keeping in mind though that it is me who got pregnant and i wasn't forced to. so i don't know but i too would really like to know but didn't think of asking. so thank you.

dionna :)

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If I remember correctly, OCSunshine/Rachel posted this exact question a while back...try searching for the same title you posted. Or for posts started by her...as she hasn't started too many topics it should be able to find fairly quickly....

I know how much you want to have children. Are you starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and feeling like your body is getting stronger for that? I hope so!

Hope this helps....


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Hi Lisa,

I was approved for SSD a year ago (one year after I applied). I got pregnant during the appeal process and it hasn't affected anything. I asked the Social Security people if I needed to change anything and they said to just let them know when the baby was born and they'd see if he could get benefits. If you have enough work credits you can actually get benefits for your child too! Unfortunately, I didn't. :-( There is a 2 year waiting period for Medicare, though, so I don't have that insurance yet. I don't know if it covers pregnancy, labor, and delivery or not. But definitely look into state Medicaid. Many states cover pregnant moms and their babys 100% if you meet certain income guidelines.

Hope this helps. Good luck with everything.


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