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Need Inner Ears Checked


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My counselor and I feel I need to get my inner ears checked just to rule out any new physical things that might be contributing to my new constant lightheadedness which is now causing panic attacks.

I know it's probally just this fancy complex illness of our but what kind of doctor do you see to get your inner ears checked? I looked for a nose, ears and throat doctor and came up with nothing. Are they called something else and if anyone has experience what type of testing do they do?



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The type of doctor you're referring to is an Otolaryngologist...quite a mouthful, eh? Most if not all refer to them though as ENTs, or Ear, Nost & Throat docs.

I've seen them in the past for two minor surgeries entirely unrelated to dysautonomia but never for dizziness of any sort so haven't had any of that type of testing done. I believe it's called vestibular testing; it's been discussed on the forum several times so you may want to do a search. Others can offer insight as well as I know at least a handful have had it done. But I think it generally is more related to vertigo than lightheadedness? I could be wrong though.

My only experience with an inner ear problem was an acute infection...it was not pleasant but was short-lived and I didn't have to see an ENT for that. I doubt the that relaying the testing or procedures I had done for a vocal chord cyst and/or severe nosebleeds and/or a swollen shut ear canal (from infection) would be helpful in the least so I'll spare you the details.

For what it's worth though the three ENTs I've seen over the years were always really nice people....one even did impressions of Donald Duck :(

hope this helps,

:ph34r: melissa

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Look in the yellow pages under physicians and look for ear, nose and throat or also called Otorhinolaryngology.

I had a test done to check my inner ears. I forget what it was called but I felt very nauseated for awhile afterwards. They lay you flat and have you turn your head many different ways and you look at different lights. They check your eyes to see if they move with the movement. They also put warm water into your ear.

The test showed that I had 70% function of my rt inner ear. No wonder I was dizzy and that was when I was feeling better.

You could also call your primary doc for a referral.

Good luck


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Hi Dayna...like the others said you'll need an ENT to order the vestibular testing...I think that it may actually be an Audiologist that administers the test?

I had it done at Mayo and if I remember correctly it was an audiologist doing the testing...there were actually 3 parts of the test...usually takes about 2 hours although they'll say be prepared to be there for 3...and you'll want someone to drive you b/c the tests intentionally make you dizzy to gage how well you vestibular system recovers/deals with different situations.

Definatly worth having it done...I'm glad I did..now I know that the dizziness and lightheaded stuff is POTS. AND if you do find that there's an inner ear involvement there are tx. that can help so it's a win/win !

Keep us posted. <_<

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i had built up ear wax in my ear when i first started fainting and they told me that was the reason for my fainting and lightheadedness, although it really wasn't. it was an audiologist that helped me out with that.

dionna <_<

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Ditto what everyone said. I had visited the Johns Hopkins Division of Otolarygology in Baltimore for my "dizziness" problem. They are the clinic to go to for dizziness. They have the vestibular testing and a I can't remember the names for the other tests.

I had been prescribed "vestibular-type" exercises to do by a specialized therapist. It helped somewhat, but looking back, I think I had beginning POTS.

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