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Cranial Osteopath- Does It Work?


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Just saw a doc a few weeks ago that specializes in autonomic disorders. He highly recommends a cranial osteopath that he and his family see. Apparently his daughther has our disorders and was helped a lot by this process. He swears by him.

Has anyone done this? What is involved? Did it help or aggravate? I'm already chronically imbalanced and I have neck issues. So much of the time I'm scared to death to let anyone touch my neck for these reasons...certainly not a chiropractor...although I realize that's not what an osteopath does.


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Cindy, I'm certain I've seen the same cardiologist you saw (I live near Philly), who also recommended the cranial osteopath--the osteopath, btw, doesn't take insurance. I have recieved cranial sacral therapy without any noticeable changes in my health, other than my wallet being lighter.


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