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Need Some Advice


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I need some advice. Dr. Grubb added bupropion to my med list this week and I am such a chicken to start a new med. I am going to wait till Saturday and start it over the weekend, as I have no special plans to go anywhere. I heard conflicting stuff on when to take the doses. I have to take it twice a day. Should I take it in morning when I first get up, and then before bed. Will it keep me up at night? Anyone have any experience with this med? I get so scared after reading the WARNINGS on the insert the pharmasist puts in the bag. Scizures, halucenations......you know the really scarry ones they say rarely ever happens. I am always afraid it will happen to me though. He started me on 75 mg 2x per day. I am going to break them in half for the first week though, I am usually sensitive to starting stuff. We did this with the celexa when I started that and it worked out good. Oh yea, I saw a warning that you are not to stand to quickly, will it mess with my BP? I sure hope not!


Kim :P

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if you're really wondering about your dosing schedule you need to talk with the doctor, NP, or a pharmacist. i know that's easier said than done with busy offices but had to put it out there. the pharmacist should be more doable.

but...that said, unless it's specified or indicated otherwise, it would generallybe assumed that something prescribed for twice a say should be taken at two times fairly evenly spaced, i.e. 8am & 8pm. getting a bit off, i.e. 8am & 9pm wouldn't matter for MOST meds. there are exceptions to this though.

if you have questions though you really should chat with the pharmacist &/or an NP &/or doctor...even if it's your primary rather than dr. grubb. if i were you i'd give a pharmacist a try.

i hope the med goes well for you & brings only good things...

:P melissa

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I take Wellbutrin XL so mine is just once a day in the morning. I didn't have any problems with it except increased anxiety at first. I am starting slowly on Zoloft so I might stop Wellbutrin once I'm weaned up. I don't know if Wellbutrin is helping anymore but I'll find out when I stop.

Why did Dr. Grubb prescribe this drug? Are you on a SSRI? I can't see him so I was wondering what his opinion was.

Also I agree with Sunfish on the dosing.


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kim -

i knew that twice a day was the prescription....by schedule i was referring to the timing & tried to answer your question above regarding the time options.

for the short time i was on wellbutrin several years back i didn't have any problems/benefits on when i took it. i can't even recall how many times a day or how much i took though.

B) melissa

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