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I Wonder If One Of The Wiggles Has Pots!?


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I dont know if the wiggles are known in america or not but they are a childrens band who is quite famous in australia. One of them has had to stop touring as he has a 'mystery illness', and i thought it sounded quite a lot like POTS or CFS. I hope for his sake they find out its something more treatable but maybe there will be a famous person with POTS after all!


Yellow Wiggle out indefinitely

Wednesday Nov 1 18:48 AEDT

Yellow Wiggle Greg Page will be out of action indefinitely, as the children's entertainer continues to undergo tests for a mystery illness.

Page, 34, has been undergoing medical examinations since June, when he pulled out of the group's tour of the US after experiencing symptoms such as fainting and lethargy.

With Page still sick and the group touring the United States again, he has been replaced by understudy Sam Moran.

"It is not something that we can put a time limit on.

"Tests are ongoing but they have been for a while and we have to just be patient and wait until they find the root cause of these episodes."

Mr Field said Page was simply not fit enough to perform the rigorous routines required for a Wiggles stage show.

"It is a pretty full-on workout, the Wiggles shows. You need to be 100 per cent fit and he's not," said Field

"Greg's condition is that he is fairly tired and he's had some fainting episodes. He's able to walk around and do stuff but he's literally not fit enough to tour."

Following the US tour, the Wiggles will conduct a tour of Australia with their Race To The Rainbow stage show.

The Wiggles formed 15 years ago and have won countless awards in Australia and overseas.

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Oh, no! My daughter loves the Wiggles, much to my dismay (because then I end up humming "Fruit Salad" and their other catchy songs). His illness could be so many things, though -- maybe a virus, CFS, some disease that bloodwork hasn't picked up yet, etc.


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Yes they have been big in Australia for quite some time... i think they were in a rock band called the cocoroaches or something before they were the wiggles :)

Yeh i realise it could be many things, i just thought since he would have top dr's they would have picked up most of the common illnesses by now. Maybe i am wrong... time shall tell i suppose.

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I just heard on the radio he has Orthostatic Intolerance...funny they call is a severe and disabling disorder on the radio but when we come across some doctors, as well as other ppl, etc. it's a different story!!!

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I emailed the Today show and asked them to do a follow up story on "orthostatic intolerance" and dysautonomia. Often times, when someone famous has an illness, there are in-depth stories that explain the illness. I think this could be a chance for us to get the word about dyautonomia.

If anybody else would be interested in emailing with the same suggestion, the email address is today@nbc.com.


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Very interesting that there was something on the FRONT PAGE of WebMd today. When I got diagnosed I put all sorts of terms in to WebMd and found nothing. That is good.

I was telling a girlfriend about the Yellow Wiggle. She got the Wiggles confused with Weeble Woobles. I explained the difference and then remarked that there should be no confusion between the Wiggles and Weeble Woobles. If the Wiggle were a Weeble Wooble, he would wooble, but NOT FALL DOWN. Ha ha.

It will be interesting if there is more follow up on the story on the Today Show.

Happy Days to all,


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wow somebody famous with pots huh?? Im living in the dark b/c i did know the wiggles had OI until i logged on here!.. shows how much tv i watch! or radio or newspaper!

You know im sorry that this person has this.. BUt I think it be great for us in the potsy community for awareness and further research. think of the possability's it could hold for us all.. wiggles too..

boy anybody reading this who does not suffer with OI or potsy and all that goes with probably would not understand our feeling of Hope on this... :wub::wub::)

fainting just *****.. so does OI and shoot the whole pachage is roten!

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