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3 Kids Positive For Lyme


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so, my hunch was right. Being that I'm pos for lyme, I checked 3 of my children who also seem symptomatic of something as of yet undefined. All 3 positive. Apparently it can be transferred in-utero.

(although it is possible they got their very own infections. Never saw a tick on any of them despite being in a highly endemic area.)

Gonna be a long year!


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just got the results today.

problem is we no longer live in the US, and there is no one here familiar with treating or officially dx lyme. I had to fly into NY for a consult for myself.

My kids will be in the US next week for a family wedding, so I'm trying to set up an appointment with a lyme pediatrician somewhere. Gosh this is expensive!

What would be interesting is to see if my youngest has antibodies. She is the only one who couldn't have gotten her "own" infection because she was born after weleft the US. I only tested the 3 symptomatic children. Did not test the two others, or my husband.

Feeling a little overwhelmed. What will I do with a teenager who just started high school with a neuro-lyme herx?

Grateful we caught this, though.

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Guest sonotech

Since I am a mother also, you must be feeling very upset about this situation! It is good that you trusted your instincts and had them checked!

I hope everything works out for you AND your children!!

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I had been wondering if you were going to need to test all five of your children...and just hadn't gotten around to emailing you yet about it.

As you know, Lyme can be transmitted in-utero as well as through breast milk (did you breast feed?).

I am so sorry that three of them have Lyme but thank G_D you DID test them so they can be treated much sooner and earlier than if you had not done so.

There is a Lyme pediatrician in CT (who the doc you saw in NY is familiar with and friends with), if you need the name let me know. Can our NY doc treat your children?

This is a LOT to handle....it's enough to have one of you sick and herxing...let's hope and pray that your children respond well to the abx with as little herxing as possible. Ugh!

I am so sorry....

I'm herxing away on my mino... :P so much fun...

Many thoughts your way,


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