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I Cannot Believe It I'm Seeing A Nero Man Today


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As you may or may not know I did a charity event on Sunday.

On Saturday my helpers ( son, his mates & others) help me set up my special wizards shop ............as per usual I did to much , came home went straight to bed feeling tired sore and head-achy.

Sunday morning hubby came in and was shocked as overnight the white part of my right was now full of blood, talk about Dracula's daughter !

It has since then gone down a bit BUT, on Sunday I started feeling somewhat ill again , so took myself of to doctors with a new pain ( thats a change) and I have a kidney infection ( hi- up) so I'm on antibiotics at this time as well as all the rest of the stuff I take. I could hardly walk with the pain across my left kidney and down my groin area :)

The doctor was very worried about my eye so said he would be in contact with my Nero man............yesterday ( Tuesday ) I got a call at 3.30pm come to see the hospital today at 4 pm .

Now I'm worried :( we have Glaucoma in the family , which I'm checked for at the eye hospital every 6 months and I do have 'changes' at the back of one of my eyes already.

But this bleeding into the eye :o I'm wondering if its this Petchia again , I burst blood vessels in; my fingers, hands, legs, feet and in my tongue ( yuck ) so now is this the start of the 'red eye' season?????

Willows................getting a bit worried here again guys.

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I've literally just got back from the hospital and been seen by ; a doctor ( not know what sort) then a registrar, then the consultant !!! who was such a nice man for a change and really listened to me , was shocked about Prof Mathias in London and is taking up my case for me.

They are all confused as to my headache yet non-headache type symptoms............you know the ones that go .............lay in bed feeling like death with a headache, stand up , count to 3 headache gone..........dizziness then vomit , vomit, vomit. :(

Lay down , count 3 headache back :) this goes on and on for 1-2 days and I'm totally unable to walk , talk , eat, drink ...........and I look like, well last time I had one of these , and there are many, my hubby took a photo , so I took it to the hospital ..............OMG, they fought it was of a 70 year old not me :o mind you I look like I'm about to 'kick the bucket'

So they still think its a chemical thingy in the brain thats doing it so I'm going to have

SUMATRIPTAN 20mg injections from now onwards..............just another thing to add to my ever increasing list of drugs...............I still think if I was a horse you'd be licking me on the back of an envelope by now :(:lol:

Willows................freezing as its 3 degrees here ( outside ) :o

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