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Conference on Dysautonomia in Ohio

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Goofy Slipper Lecture on Dysautonomia:

(A DYNA kids event open to adults with dysautonomia)

Tuesday: July 13 - 4:30 to 10:00 PM

(please arrive early so they can start promptly)

Location: WILDWOOD PRESERVE - Ward Pavilion



*Adults are more than welcomed to attend this event and listen to DYNA's informative lecture on dysautonomia. They have 3 well known and highly respected dysautonomia specialists speaking this year.

*DYNA would like to know how many adults to expect and they would like a small donation (whatever you can afford) to help cover their expenses. They are limited on space and therefore can only handle so many people - please notify Vickie Weaver at: vjweaver32@earthlink.net if you plan to attend as I am keeping a running list. I will need to know how many from your family at attending and what hotel you are staying at.

*Adults are asked to sit in the back of the room and leave the front tables and seats for the DYNA kids.

*Directions to Wildwood Preserve - Ward Pavilion from your particular hotel can be obtained on Mapquest.

NOTE: Do not use the main park entrance from West Central Avenue - use the East Entrance which is between the main entrance and Cory Road! For information on this location: www.metroparkstoledo.com (click on rental facilities and scroll down to Wildwood Preserve.)

*Adults who want to stay at the same hotel (so we can have some casual time together) should book their rooms at:

Country Inn and Suites

541 West Dussel Drive

Maumee, Ohio

419-893-8576 - You need to call this number to reserve a room.

*This is not a structured conference for adults. This is a group of adults who just want to get together and attend the DYNA lecture.

*The other DYNA events are only open to the kids.

*As adults we have an opportunity to help the kids dealing with these conditions. The DYNA parents do like to speak to us and learn about what it feels like to have these conditions. Remember, we must demonstrate a positive attitude in front of the kids. We can also benefit from watching the kids deal with these conditions - we all benefit from each other.

*Debbie at DYNA kids has asked me to handle all communications with any adults attending. Please email me directly for any information. My email is: vjweaver32@earthlink.net

Thank you.

Vickie Weaver (adult with POTS)

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I just wanted to let everyone know Thank for responding to this post.

If you every hear of any children out there with out disorders please let them know about DYNAkids. It is a wonderful site for children. Here is the link. www.dynakids.org

Hope all is doing well.

Vickie :rolleyes:

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update you on the DYNA Conference. I may not be able to attend as it looks like I am getting a Pacemaker put in so I wanted to make sure you all knew where the lecture was being held in case I am out of communications with you. If you are planning to attend you should have notified me by now. Plan to arrive at the Ward Pavilion at Wildwood Preserve: 5100 W. Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio before 4:30 PM on July 13. Adults should sit towards the back and leave the front tables for the DYNA families and kids.

All other events of the DYNA Summer Chill Conference are private and for the registered DYNA kids only. Children must be registered and on the attendance sheet with DYNA by now. Space is very limited and they will not be able to accommodate walk in's.

Have fun and enjoy to the people that are attending. You wil find it real interesting.

I did last year.


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