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Back To Running Again...for Those With Lyme

Guest malosp

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Just wanted to let the people know who believe their POTS is related to lyme that I am back to running again.

Can't tell you how good it felt to be able to run again after over a year without being able to ....and five months since starting treatment. POTS much better...Dizziness much improved, heart rate much improved, blood pressure more normal.

Wasn't sure I even had lyme...could even be a lyme like illness. Whatever it is, the antibiotics are working. So for those that do have lyme, go with your instincts, and remember it can get better.

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It's so good to hear stories like yours. I'm about to start lyme treatment, and have been scared that I've had lyme too long to improve, but when I read posts like yours I think "maybe it could happen to me too."

I'm so glad you're feeling better and the antibiotics are working. Keep us updated on your sucess!!!



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