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Finally I Gained Weight!!!

Guest dionna

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as some of you may know i have been struggling with losing weight and i have been trying to gain it back for a couple of years now. well i have always been small but i had gotten down to 88lbs last month! now i weight 98lbs!!! i know that isn't a lot but for me 10lbs added to my bones is a huge deal. i don't notice the gain in the mirror but others around me say it has made a lot of difference in my appearance. i just hope i can continue to gain up to my goal which is atleast 105lbs but if i got up to 115lbs that would probably be even better!!! i am starting out small and then i will see if i can make myself gain any more. 88 to 105 is still a gain of 17lbs which is a lot for me. so i think that is atleast a good start. thank you for letting me share my great news!

dionna :)

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YAY!!! I wish I could give you some of my weight, LOL..On a more serious note though, that is awesome that you have put on some weight!!!

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I understand your struggle. I've gained 20 pounds over the last couple of years, and I'm thrilled! I wasn't as small as you to begin with (I'm 5'5"), but I find that it's much easier to keep my blood sugar stable when I weigh 128 instead of 108.

It's been years since I had trouble with nausea, but my metabolism is still very fast, and my stomach feels full very quickly, which makes it difficult to keep enough food going in.

For me, the key was eating 8 times a day, plus getting up for a snack at least once in the night. (I'm sleeping through the night without waking up hungry now, another thrilling development!) I also found it helpful to have really solid (and yet tasty) bread on hand -- whole grain, or made with bean flour. Having an easy snack that wasn't a burden to eat made a big difference. Also, I ate a lot of high fat foods. Now I just have to get my cholesterol back down to something reasonable....


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i started just snacking a little bit all the time and then my appetite grew and i wanted to eat all the time. i am also excercising everyday. i have finally got to a point where i feel better and i don't feel as faint so i tried out the excercising again and i think that helped out a lot too. i don't know about other people but if i eat something sweet or fruity it makes me even more hungry so i also used that to trick my body into an appetite. i know that the diet i am eating right now isn't the healthiest and i don't plan on it staying like this at all just while i am still gaining. but i eat a lot of doughnuts, debbie cakes, eggs, meat! i eat meat more than anything else. popcorn, soups, chips, etc. i have been eating those all along for salt. pastas. i wasn't drinking soda before but i have started drinking mt.dew a lot. i know the caffeine is bad for migraines and soda in general is bad for your teeth and so on, but i am gaining so... you have to give some to win some. it isn't going to be perminant. peanut butter, nuts in general. ummm... even if i am not hungry i still take a tour of the kitchen and if i see something i like i grab it and nibble on it even if i don't really want it--- does that make sense at all? the excercising is building muscle which weighs more than fat and it also works up an appetite in me. i am just doing strenthening excercises and weight lifting stuff. no running--- OMG i would faint then. no stair stepping, no aerobics, none of that type of stuff. just bulking up type things. i am petite and i know i will stay petite. i don't do anything extreme and i just started so... carbs, protein, sugar, and salt. that is basically what i am eating. i also eat german pancakes as much as possible. here is a the recipe.



4tbsp butter

6 eggs

1 cup of flour

1 cup of milk ( i only drink or use whole milk but you can use whichever you want )

1tsp salt

1tbsp sugar

1/4tsp vanilla

lemon juice

confectioner's sugar/ syrup/ jelly/ fruit/ whipped cream/ etc.

preheat oven to 425 degrees.

melt butter in 8 to 10 inch skillet until foamy and bubbly. be careful to not let it burn.

mix eggs, flour, milk, salt, sugar, and vanilla into a bowl and bend.

pour mix into a skillet.

then immediately place the skillet in the oven until it puffs and browns on top. about 20 minutes for me but the actual recipe says 15 minutes.

pull the skillet out when it is done and sprinkle the lemon juice over the top of it. the pancake will collapse.

then top it however you want, confectioner's sugar, syrup, jelly, fruit, whipped cream, etc.

i always slice it into 1/4ths and i always eat atleast one slice at a time but it is so filling. i usually make eggs, bacon, and sausage to go along with it and i also drink whole milk.


i hope that helps some and i promise the recipe is worth trying. i really like it a lot atleast and it is really actually easy. it is like baking a cake that comes out of a box. you don't have to use the lemon juice or the vanilla, that is just for that little extra flavoring but i like it with both.

dionna :)

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Hey you!

Glad to hear you've gained weight as I too have been trying on and off for about ten years now, and when I was tired of trying, I would suffice with just not losing any that I had since it was so difficult to gain. I've reached a point (that age, I don't know) where the wieght seems to stay on (I would have to work at losing it)...Thank goodness! So, at least now, I'm not as scared if I'm having a bad few days, not wanting to eat anything...because the weight seems to be stuck! I'm still working on gaining though.

115lbs would be ideal for me as well (106lbs steady now!), but 120lbs would be better!


P.S. I'll send you a pm soon, I promise!

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