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This May Sound Silly But....


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They hit themselves in the chest to "get it going again?"

Thankfully, I haven't been having too many heart flutters recently, but in the past, when in one of my phases,

I've been known to hit my chest and say something to myself like, "okay, let's do this right"

Sounds silly, I know. I have no idea if hitting oneself can do anything for the heart rhythm, but hey....what am I supposed to do, sit there and wait for it to stop? :)

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In the past I've had EkG's, and a 24-hour holter. I haven't been told of anything out of the ordinary.

For me, I go in phases;sometimes for weeks at a time, my heart does its thing;at other times, I'm fine.

At this point, I'm not overly worried. I've had these weird skips for too long for me to be worried.

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