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Husband Is Finally Gettin Some Help


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The Cleveland Clinic refered my husband to and endoctrinologist, and a psychiatrist for more test to figure out his symptoms not related to pots. They think maybe he has cushings disease. He now also wears a portable heart monitor so I know when he should go to the ER and when it is ok to stay home.

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i hope you find some answers soon. has he seen a neuro at Cleveland Clinic as well as the cardio?

hang in there,

:) melissa

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Thanks for the update--I was worrying a bit, as I'm sure you could tell from my replies under your prior thread. In addition ot the endocrinologist, might I suggest seeing a really good eye doctor about those rings in your husband's eyes? There are some docs who specialize in diseases of the eye, but a general eye doctor should be able to let you know why he/she thinks the rings have developed and then refer you elsewhere if needed.


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