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Anyone had surgery?

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And all the other symptoms of dyautonomia, has anyone had major surgery? How did you do. Because of the pooling in our legs, does it make you more prone for blood clots? Because of all the sporadic heart rate and blood pressure some of us have, is anesthesia a problem? Not being able to tolerate much excercise, is walking immediatly after surgery a problem? Anyone that can give me any information will be greatly appreciated.


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I had surgery last summer to remove a tumor inside an ovary--It probably wasn't considered major surgery, but I did have general anaesthesia. I was able to go home that night.

I had this surgery pre-diagnosis. I remember the anaesthesiologist saying to me, "Does your heart always beat that fast?" I said yes, and then she made whatever adaptations I assume were necessary.

Much depends, I think, about what kind of surgery you're going to have (as far as some of your other questions go)... Getting extra IV fluids would be a great thing for you, both before and after surgery. The amount of walking you're able to do, I think, depends more on the kind of surgery you're having than on the pots...

I STRONGLY recommend that anyone facing surgery order the "Successful Surgery" pack from healthjourneys.com--listening to these CDs before, during, and after surgery saved me, I'm quite sure!

Good luck--and let us know what's going on for you!

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I've had POTS/NCS all my life and have had 7 major procedures and multiple minor procedures. Please look through old posts on this same topic





Hope those help.

Nina :P

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