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So I have gone downhill a bit lately... am forced to be at home more and with my feet up most days. I am getting BORED and I really want to do this new fun puzzle I bought.

Problem is- I can't just sit at the dining room table b/c sitting up still is really hard on me, I'll black out after a while... you know the drill....

So any ideas on how I could position a puzzle on something while I'm on the couch with my feet up? I also want to be able to pick the puzzle up and move it into the dining room when I'm not working on it.

Ideas please! ;)

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I have seen "Advertised on TV" a mat thing to spread the pieces on then they stay in place so you can just roll it up and the pieces stay put. We have a lap TV tray that will lift up... but it's not as big as I need for the puzzles I like. So, like you I am also looking for the right thing. Tables and chairs.... Impossible!

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I, too, have seen those puzzle mats that Gayla mentioned. I would think you could find them online or if your husband could go to a hobby store of sorts (i.e. we have a store in town that sells puzzles, etc. and would have that sort of thing).

They do roll up also and then you could put the puzzle somewhere else. Also, the pieces should stick to it and stay in place while you are sitting on the sofa with the mat placed on top of whatever sort of lap desk is comfortable for you.

Any particular reason for the downslide or just a 'typical cycle' for you????? I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling so hot....but hope you can work on the puzzle.


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I have the roll up mat that you can put on a light board on your knees. When you are done with it you just roll it and attach the ends until next time. It costs about 30$ Cda. I've had it for about 4 years and it's very practicle. I bring it to friend's place sometimes.


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My dad has a table that is adjustable, (up and down) kind of the size of a hospital table that goes over the bed, that you can put on the side of you on the couch or over your own bed. We ordered his from tv but you can buy them at bed bath and beyond now. good luck



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