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Feeling Like My Throat Is Closed Up :(


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this is somthing i feel like everyday i feel like somones got a light hold around my kneck like a throat tightning its one of my main symptomsi cant stand it not many people on here complain of that i noticed i wonder if thats its own issue but it started when the pots started so i thought they were realted ive had a chest x ray in may and it was normal and i dont have a goiter i dont know what the heck is causing that when i breatrh really deep once in a wile i get a sharp pain in my chest ive had an echocardiogram and a chest x ray and an ab x ray nothing ?

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I have only had that happen twice, during POTS attacks when my heart was pounding and I got very flushed. Throat closing is often a sign of an allergic reaction, but I don't know about an all-the-time thing. Might want to check into your mast cell activation -- a mast cell activation disorder can sometimes present this way and seem a lot like POTS.


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I'm sorry I don't have any solutions for you, but, YES. When my POTS symptoms are really bad, I also experience the throat closing thing. It never actually closed (and I hope yours doesn't!), but, it feels like a lump in my throat. I have trouble swallowing. Amy (Calypso) may be on to something when she talks about mast cell activation. I've never really figured mine out. I've actually used an epi-pen during a bad attack and it helped and actually slowed my HR. Go figure ;) I do know that sleeping alot, relaxing and meditating really help with this. Best of luck to you.


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