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Did You Get Your Flu Shot Yet?

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My whole family ( Hubby 50 + , Son 15 and myself 50+) had it last week .

I felt so bad that night , 3 Angina attacks that night feeling really unwell for 3 days and such an upset stomach.

My son had both the flu and the pneumonia , poor boy , his arm after the pneumonia was the size of a weight lifters all swollen and bright red and it was so sore he didn't even like clothes touching it , he had to have it for he had double pneumonia this christmas just gone as was ill for 5 months in total, he to is now showing signs of Pots.

Dont forget if you read this I've had Pots a long, long time and react to things like this in the extreme, most people I know dont !


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Yes, I did. Had some reactions, still better than influenza. Felt like crap. The injection site was swollen, red and very painful. This extended to my shoulder. It took a couple days to get over it. I have mastocytosis, so I am on mega doses of antihystimines I think that helped alot. Still talk w/Dr. if you have concerns. I still need to get it. Miriam

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had a HORRIBLE reaction last year that nearly landed me in the ER.

Severe muscle weakness including breathing. Turns out that many lymies can't handle a flu shot (didn't know I had it when I did the shot). So those potsy lymies out there, please consult an educated doc out there before trying this at home!!

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Got my flu shot today...My whole left arm where they did the shot is soo sore! :)

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