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Saw Neurologist That Knows All About Pots!


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Well,finally a doctor that doesn't try to send me to another specialist because they can't figure out what is wrong! I have a diagnosis of POTS and he actually knew ALOT about it. Some of the things I have read about on the DINET info. He said it is real common in thin women, for some reason. He told me besides taking the Florinef, basically avoid the things that make it worse. Easier said than done! He said things like the hot weather, getting the flu, extreme stress, ... will aggravate it. He said only 0.1mg Florinef is good and that most people have to take more. He said if you have to wait in line, which is likely, shift your weight around and don't stand in one spot. Even shake your legs around, I'm sure that will get some strange looks in the grocery store. :ph34r: Of course, he recommended drinking lots of fluids. And, if you feel faint, lay down if you can or sit with your head between your knees, or squat on the floor. Most of you probably already know this from the "what to avoid and what helps section of this DINET" but I thought I'd share it with everyone. Karen

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Excellent! Finding a good, knowledgeable doctor is such a big step!

**opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate, then remember it aggravates POTS so puts it away and grabs a Gatorade instead**

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Excellent, we're so happy for you to find a GOOD knowledgable doctor! YAYY!!!!!

Yep those are all very good pieces of advice. Super! Keep reading the board here for more 'tips and tricks' to keep the B/P regulated and the fainting at minimum.

Yep, doing the leg-shift-and-shake in the Walmart lines can draw attention for sure! I also do the "oops I am Mrs Butterfingers" trick. I drop everything, one at a time. I drop a pen. I drop a grocery list. I drop my nail file. Each time that gives me an excuse to bend down and get some blood back up to my head so I don't black out. I also do the "Oh no, my shoe is untied!" trick and that gives me maybe a full minute of bending down so I don't faint. ;)

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I squat all the time in the grocery line to examine the candy bars, look at magazines..whatever.

I also do the check my shoe laces trick unless wearing my flat heeled boots. ;)

I rise up on my toes too, toe raises are what the Buckingham Guards do if they get light headed. They have to stand VERY still guarding the palace. The cardio that read my TTT results years ago gave me the toe raise tips...but you find many things online or on your own.

If there is a chair or box nearby, standing with one food on the chair and lean on it can help as well.

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