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Joint Pain?

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Hi everyone! I'm posting this question for a friend. I'll send her any replies. Thanks! Michelle

Any chance of posting a joint pain question for me? Could you ask if anyone has experienced joint pain that migrates around the body, varies from mild to severe, and is characterized as a "singe-like" feeling. And if so, if anything has helped.

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I'm not sure what single-like exactly means? In one joint or overall body joints?

But, here is my experience with joint pain. It has been a problem for over a decade for me. I have been to several rheumatologists. I even went from Oregon to New York to see specialists. They tried numerous medications on me. They just didn't have an answer.

Joint pain was so bad for me a year and a half ago that I missed several days of work over a two month period. I was taking narcotics for some relief. It got so bad that it felt like someone was driving nails into my elbows and rail road spikes into my knees.

Last summer Dr. Grubb started me on Neurontin. What a lifesaver. It almost always completely relieves me of my joint pain. It has been a wonder drug for me. I went back and asked my doctors why they didn't put me on such a simple drug, most of them say that they didn't know it would work, they give it for diabetic pain all the time, they didn't think it would work for POTS. On that note I have heard several references to dysautonomia and diabetes.

I started with severe joint pain 10 years before I was diagnosed with POTS. I at times had episodes where my whole body would hurt and I would just lay on the bed for days unable to move.

I thank god everyday for Neurontin!


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Hi Michelle.

Don't know what part of the country your friend lives in, but during the last 4 years (as you know) I have had my share of symptoms. Migrating joint pain is a common symptom among those with Lyme disease. Usually this is also accompanied by a fever, but not always.

Also, it has been reported that ticks are especially active this season and that about half of all those who receive a tick bite resulting in Lyme never know they were bitten nor will many of them ever see the tell-tale 'bullseye' rash. Lyme is also no longer limited to the northeast, even though it is still more common there.

Hope she has something else, but I am only posting what I know. I'm starting to feel like that isn't very much any more since I have heard so much!


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I'm wondering if she means "burning" in her joints? I have a dx of fibromyalgia in addition to everything else and I have joint pain, but it's not a burning feeling--just really deep aches.


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sounds like fibro pain to me too. although other things should be ruled out, it's typical for fibro pain to roam and is described as stabbing, burning,aching etc. a little different for everyone. i'd recommend some blood work, but my guess is, it will be normal or borderline and fibro is the culprit. send her my sympathies, i've had it for 29 years and sometimes it can really suck, although there are periods where it's better. morgan

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Sounds like Fibro to me too. I get it so bad sometimes that showering or combing my hair hurts. My doctor lets me take 3 brufins a day for pain and just increases the mediation during bad spells. I often go for local anaesthetic injections "mixtures" as well. But this hurts like ****. Get some information of the net about Fibro, she will know immediately if it’s her problem as well.

The one good thing is it does move around, so today your back, next week your feet etc. :P

My best medication is my 11-month Black Spaniel baby girl. She does not understand the word sick and keeps me going. O did I mention I now have a little boy as well, he is 13 weeks and eat way too much. We got him for Jasmine but what a blessing in my life. :P

My dogs are better than any medication on the market for me. Especially on very bad days. :P

Hope you all have a furry friend helping you through your days!

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Thanks to all of you who replied. I will wait a few more days to see if anyone else pipes in, and then I will send this on to my friend. I know she will be very grateful for your replies, so thank you!


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