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Just An "after Hospital" Update

Guest sonotech

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Guest sonotech

It was brought to my attention that I have not given an update since being home from the hospital, and I sincerely apologize!!!

While in the hospital I chose to discontinue my chemo because the high dose was not agreeing with my POTS and was also causing multi-organ failure, so I am just having to keep my fingers crossed right now. I have been experiencing some low grade fevers, so that makes me a little nervous, but I try to not think about it.

I have been having a hard time sitting at the computer for more than a few minutes, so I have not been on the boards much lately (I do need a laptop someday). I have had some "set backs" and am now having to go through the humiliation of having my husband help me bathe nightly (that is so hard to deal with when you are an independant person like me).

Thanks to all of you for your care and concern, and I will try and post more when I can!!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there, and of course I welcome emails and PM's anytime!

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It's so good to hear from you Sonotech! But I'm so sorry that your health has been declining.

I went through a period when I first got sick were I had to be bathed, and it was humiliating (despite the fact that my boyfriend never complained). One of the things that helped was he'd shower with me and I'd sit in my shower chair while he shampooed my hair and helped scrub me. That way it felt like we were just taking a shower together, and less like a care-taker/patient relationship. Maybe you and your husband could do something similar?

Anyway, it is so good to hear from you, and hopefully your body will recover a bit more in the coming weeks and you'll start to feel a bit better. But in the meantime...



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Hey there Sono, no apologies are necessary--fighting cancer and POTS at once would render most incapable of posting here EVER, so I 'm amazed to see you so "able" despite your current challenges.

I am sending you wishes for a healthier, stronger future. :ph34r: Nina

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