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Someone Please! How Do You Know If You Have Shy Drager Along With Pots?


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Hi Nikigirl,

As the links above may have already told you, Shy Drager can have overlapping symptoms with POTS, but it is much less common that POTS, and it also tends to affect older men, rather than young women. So hopefully you don't have anything to worry about. Have you been to see a POTS or autonomic specialist yet? You would probably get some peace of mind if you were able to get in with an expert and get the POTS diagnosis solidified.

Anyway, I hope you start getting some answers, I know how scary it is to wonder what you have and not know how bad it's going to get.

Hang in there,


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Guest sonotech


I know that you had mentioned previously that you had acquired these symptoms about the same time lots of your co-workers were sick with a "virus". I don't know if YOU ever got sick with the virus, but the "post-viral" form of POTS usually had a much better prognosis.

I think the recovery time is within 2-5 yrs or something like that (you probably will want to look that info up). Also, POTS can arrise after the Epstein-Barr virus (have you been tested for that??). You may have not even known that you had been exposed to it since many people don't.

So, of course you really need to talk to a specialists about all of your fears and concerns, but from the info you have given so far......it seems LESS likely that you would be dealing with Shy-Drager. I agree with everyone else when they say you should really find a POTS or Dysautonomia specialist so that you won't continue to live in fear over this!

Take care, and I hope that you get some answers soon!

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Shy Drager is degenerative and progressively gets worse over time. Give yourself time and see the specialist. They've ruled that one out for me luckily. Don't get to worried over it (easy to say, huh!), there are not many people who really have that one. My Dr. ruled that one out by me doing a blood pressure log for a month using 3 different positions and doing an MRI.

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just as another FYI to quell your worries, ZERO people as young as you have ever been diagnosed with shy-drager....

and nothing that you have written in any posts (i don't respond always but read EVERYTHING) sounds like shy-drager.

:) melissa

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