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Back Pain


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I have really been having some horrible POTS spells lately. I can't even stand up without having to lay back down again. When the tachy and spell lasts a while does anyone else get a tremedous back pain in their lower back? I do.


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I do, it usually starts in the lower back for me, but then sooner or later my entire back is hurting at some point in time. The only thing that helps it on me is to put a heating pad on it for awhile, it at least relaxes it for a little bit. Or if you have someone to give you a light massage for awhile.

That pain, along with so much more is very aggravating isn't it? I could deal with it if it was just one part of my body that was hurting most of the time, but to have so much of it hurt most of the time is what makes this whole thing so horrible sometimes. You move one way and this hurts, you sit another way, then that hurts, you stand up and this AND that hurts...Bah! It just all in all stinks sometimes!


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yeah, i have back pain every single day. i always have knots in it. a good massage helps, and it relaxes me mentally as well. i take motrin or muscle relaxers when i can get them from a doc. i hope you find relief.

dionna B)

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