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Found Low Sodium In 24 Hour Urine:


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Hi, everyone,

I'm about done with my work up here at Mayo. Had a 24 hour urine done and the doctor found low sodium. I've read some of the posts about it, but I'll ask here: What all does this mean?

The doctor only said to increase my salt intake and that the low sodium is the reason for my dehydration and POTS problems. But, I've been reading here that many of you get shaky and don't feel well when your sodium is low. One of you said you can actually feel when your sodium level is low. What does that feel like?

Does low sodium make your bladder hurt or give you a burning sensation in your bladder? I see that it can make you shaky--what other symptoms can it give you?

Is increasing my salt intake enough? I've tried Florineff and can't tolerate it. My husband ordered some hydration solutions that the docs at CCF recommended. They seem to help when I use them.

Thanks, in advance.


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If they found a low amount of sodium in your urine, then could that also mean that the sodium in your body is too much? Because you're not passing much out, but retaining it, instead? Unless you're not eating enough sodium at all... But I'd think that if you're not retaining sodium, then the amount in your uring would be high if you're eating enough of it.

I think a lot of us can tell when we need salt, as much as some people can tell when their blood sugar is low. I can sort of feel both, and that's when I reach for the Gatorade.

My other post about sodium says that the sodium in my electrolyte panel from my blood test was low, so it seemed that I wasn't retaining sodium, and I was making the assumption that my urine sodium would therefore be high.

Hmm I know a lot of this can be confusing. But good luck, anyway!!!

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