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Will Anyone Want Ever Me?


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Good for you, Brown Eyed Chick. Sounds like you are trying to deal with it, and learn from a bad situation.

I don't think age has much to do with maturity -- we tend to assume that by certain ages, people are 'grownups.' Keep in mind that adolescence, for many, believe it or not, lasts well into their 30s. I have known many adults, who by all indication of age, should've been grown-up or mature, emotionally as well as physically, but for whatever reason weren't.

Try to keep in mind we are the sum total of our experiences, including our upbringing. The ex's behavior may well have been modeled for him, which wouldn't excuse his own choice, but might explain some of his behavior. I think we make conscious choices to 'follow suit' or to work at being better.

Don't overlook young people your own age, Girl, as age is not necessarily a precursor to maturity or morality.

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