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facial swelling?


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I'm noticing a new thing from the past few weeks....about half way through every meal my face feels like it is getting puffy...my parents noticed that i get swelling on the left or right side of my face and around the eyelids as well. Has anyone experienced this? THe only thing my doctors have said is that it's a neurological responce, that when i eat the nerves in my face are stimulated...very strange and freaky. let me know if you've ever experinced something simliar as well. thanks

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Gwem..is the swelling puffy and in places feels like fluid underneath the skin?

it looks puffy around my eyelids and lower lip sometimes. Not necessearily feeling like fluid but pressure underneath the skin....it's noticable within 10 minutes ofeating. Doesnt always occur though, and i can't determine if it's a particular type of food allergy either. very odd.

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I had very bad swelling when I was on Florinef. The one side of my face was more swollen than the other side. I have been off Florinef for 7 months now and have only lost 2 kg of the 12 I gained in 3 months. I can wear clothes today that won’t fit in 2 or 3 days time. I have only had this problem since the Florinef. I swell up terrible some days. I have had to make my wedding ring 2 * bigger and had one removed emergently one day. I just swell up like a balloon some days. Very frustrating and depressing but what can we do. I tried water tablets but it affected my heart terribly.

Look at your medication, but other wise I have been advised to live with it. Hoping it settles down. I have recently heard that it might be my heart medication as well. I had to double the dosage due to bad chest pains recently so what to do, I dont know. :P

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